Gabriel m
Biblical: name (meaning ‘man of God’ in Hebrew) of one of the archangels. Gabriel appeared to Daniel in the Old Testament (Daniel 8: 16; 9: 21), and in the New Testament to Zacharias (Luke 1: 19; 26: 27) and, most famously, to Mary to announce the impending birth of Christ (Luke 1: 2). Gabriel has occasionally been used as a given name in the English-speaking world, mainly as a result of Continental European influence (rather more commonly than RAPHAEL (SEE Raphael), but much less so than MICHAEL (SEE Michael), the names of two other chief archangels).
Cognates: Hungarian: GÁBOR. Italian: Gabriele. Finnish: Kaapo.
Feminine forms: French (now also used in English): Gabrielle, Gaby. Italian: Gabriella. German: Gabriele, Gabi. Polish: Gabriela. Czech: Gabriele.
Pet forms: Irish: Gay. Polish: Gabryś, Gabrysz m; Gabrysia f. Czech: Gába m, f; Riel, Gabek m; Gabra, Gabin-(k)a f.

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